Fiorenza Rossini

Multicultural identity

I truly consider myself multicultural: I have been living in London, UK since 2010, I was born and raised in Paris, France with an Italian (and Turkish) heritage. I consider my multicuralism to be a character trait, which I leverage daily both personally and professionally – I’m able to grasp and embrace different perspectives and adapt quickly to situations.

“Where do you feel you belong the most? Which nationality resonates with you the most?”
I’ve often been asked those two questions. Never really having an easy answer to give.

A few years ago, during a weekly business catch-up with my leader at the time, he asked me which country and nationality I felt I belong to the most. The question stayed with me the whole day. On my commute back home, I was scribbling down some reflections and I found something that to date, still resonates.

It’s not about one culture more than the other. It’s about making sense of how cultures have most influenced me and in which dimensions.

Italian blood, French spirit, and London lifestyle.

This does not summarises me, I am of course so much more than this, however it does provide a high-level sneak peek of who I am.


Finding my identity amongst those cultures has been a journey and still is. My hope is to help and inspire others to find their own, in this in-between space. As an integral part of this journey, I started a podcast in Jan 2021, The Belonging Project Podcast.



My coaching and training work are deeply informed by more than 10 years spent working side-by-side with business division executives in the fields of business management, change programs, operations and financial regulations at fast-paced global organizations such as BNP Paribas and TPICAP. I leverage my strong on-the-ground corporate experience to help my clients work more effectively and successfully navigate challenges.

Most recently, I have helped clients on their journey toward becoming an engaging global team leader, relocating and adapting to new cultures, leading intercultural and global teams, navigating difficult situations, managing up, and dealing with challenging emotions and stress. I am fully dedicated to my clients’ goals and helping them reach their full potential, both at work and in life. I incorporate relevant tools and frameworks to support explorations, experiments, and actions both during and in-between sessions.

I work in English, French and Italian.



The industries and sectors I have coached in include tech (Google, Meta), management consulting (Accenture, CapGemini), pharma (Amgen, AstraZeneca), hospitality (Hilton), banking (HSBC, Pictet), entertainment (Netflix), aerospace (Raytheon, GE), fashion (Ralph Lauren), consumer goods (Mars, GE, Unilever), healthcare, education and many more.

My clients work in global organisations, medium-sized companies, NGOs and some are entrepreneurs.

To date, I have worked with clients from 35 countries! And still counting.


Whole-Person centred. Empowering. Practical. Authentic.




I am an accredited coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

I have trained with CTI, the pioneer in coach training. I am a Co-Active Coach.

I am also an NLP practitioner, and MBTI Step I and II practitioner.

Most recently, I have been certified in ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching)


I am a certified trainer in Cross-Cultural competences (The Interchange Institute) and a graduate of both the Developing your Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) (Purdue University) and the Leading Culturally Diverse Global Teams (Deakin University) courses.

I am also a certified Mindfulness trainer. 


From an academic studies standpoint, I hold a Masters of Science in Mathematical Finance and a French Engineering school diploma (École d’Ingénieurs). I have attended university both in France and in the UK.



I have a son, born in 2019, and it’s with admiration that I notice daily how much children can teach us about perseverance, resilience, and mindfulness. I have a cat (or a cat owns me). I have developed a love for plants since the pandemic. I love travelling, food and photography.

Work with me
Transition Leadership CrossCultural Mindfulness

Our services help you maximize your true potential and embrace your vision.


From the mouths of clients

Working with Fiorenza has been thought-provoking, transformational and empowering!

I came to work with Fiorenza after transitioning into my first Director position and a subsequent resurfacing of long buried imposter thoughts and limiting beliefs. Fiorenza created a safe space for me to explore these thoughts, feelings and emotions and provided invaluable provocations, exercises and toolkits to help me navigate and truly lean into what was behind each of them. After 6 months of coaching with Fiorenza, I am delighted with the transformation I have made. I have tackled a number of lifelong skeletons that have been holding me back from bringing my whole, authentic self to work and feel lighter and more confident than ever as a result of my work with Fiorenza. I cannot recommend Fiorenza enough to anyone who needs support to breakthrough a personal or professional challenge!

Grace Smith – Mars

Fiorenza helped me navigate several unique situations at work, while keeping me focused on my longer term goals. I definitely feel more confident with her in my corner. She’s my secret weapon!

Elicia Chen – Zuora

Throughout our discussions, Fiorenza helped me build a toolbox to be more confident and more fulfilled, in my private and professional life.
She managed to install a great trust and pushed the reflection to help me develop a clear path towards my targets. From tiny questions to big challenges, she was always a great support, a very active listener and a positive person ! I will not thank her enough for the personal changes that I have been through thanks to her.

Aude Lecrivain – Franke Group

From the first session to the last, her guidance and advice helped me with various topics: meaning at work, influence, having difficult conversations, asking myself the right question. I strongly recommend Fiorenza as a Coach. She helped me grow personally and in my career. It was a real pleasure working with her. I will miss our Friday morning sessions.

Mathieu Garnier – American Express