Embody the best version of yourself.

Connect with it. Notice the shift.

Who are innow?

You’re unique. There is no one else like you on the planet. Isn’t that fascinating?

At INNOW, we know that. We know that more than anything, you have a dream, a vision for your life. We want to help you get there. That means, we have to start here, in this place, IN NOW…and move forward with confidence.

INNOW is a 360-degree-approach coaching partner that focuses on guiding you through transitions in your career and in your life. Founded by Fiorenza Rossini, a professional coach with vast corporate experience and over 500 hours of coaching under her belt, we are based in the United Kingdom and internationally. We provide bespoke services for you and your team to meet your specific needs, including transitional support, leadership development, cross-cultural coaching, and mindfulness during organizational and cultural change.


What we stand for

We believe that every single person who wants to get to the next level, lead differently, or overcome a challenge deserves a partner who can help guide them toward confidence. You deserve to have total belief in your progress, not only in your career but in your life too. Let’s align your purpose and your values so that you can be the best version of yourself that you can be.

How we approach our work

You have an idea. We have specific concepts and learning models. Let’s put it all together and tailor-make a coaching program that will take your idea to the next level. It also hones in on your strengths and talents, fostering clarity and focus in who you are, what you do, and how to reach every goal you’ve set for yourself.

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Our values

We keep honesty, ethics, and truthfulness at our core.
We create psychologically safe spaces.
We deliver quality and value.
We are stronger together.
We choose to be in the now.
We strive to create belonging in every interaction.

Our Promise to you

We want to help guide you through a season of change in your work or your life, whether it be as a leader looking for growth, or someone entering a cross-cultural space, so that you feel ready for whatever comes your way. At every moment with every challenge, you'll be in the now, fully confident in your ability to navigate transitions and change with purpose.

Our Team

We're a team of highly skilled coaches with years of training and real-world experience. You are our focus. We want to make you the best, most confident YOU that you can be.

Fiorenza Rossini
Kerstin Graebner
Jachin Merrill
Innow Experts


From the mouths of clients

Working with Fiorenza has been thought-provoking, transformational and empowering!

I came to work with Fiorenza after transitioning into my first Director position and a subsequent resurfacing of long buried imposter thoughts and limiting beliefs. Fiorenza created a safe space for me to explore these thoughts, feelings and emotions and provided invaluable provocations, exercises and toolkits to help me navigate and truly lean into what was behind each of them. After 6 months of coaching with Fiorenza, I am delighted with the transformation I have made. I have tackled a number of lifelong skeletons that have been holding me back from bringing my whole, authentic self to work and feel lighter and more confident than ever as a result of my work with Fiorenza. I cannot recommend Fiorenza enough to anyone who needs support to breakthrough a personal or professional challenge!

Grace Smith – Mars

Fiorenza helped me navigate several unique situations at work, while keeping me focused on my longer term goals. I definitely feel more confident with her in my corner. She’s my secret weapon!

Elicia Chen – Zuora

Throughout our discussions, Fiorenza helped me build a toolbox to be more confident and more fulfilled, in my private and professional life.
She managed to install a great trust and pushed the reflection to help me develop a clear path towards my targets. From tiny questions to big challenges, she was always a great support, a very active listener and a positive person ! I will not thank her enough for the personal changes that I have been through thanks to her.

Aude Lecrivain – Franke Group

From the first session to the last, her guidance and advice helped me with various topics: meaning at work, influence, having difficult conversations, asking myself the right question. I strongly recommend Fiorenza as a Coach. She helped me grow personally and in my career. It was a real pleasure working with her. I will miss our Friday morning sessions.

Mathieu Garnier – American Express