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Whether you’re an individual contributor, a leader, the head of a team or organisation, or someone who is about to navigate a cultural shift, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our services span the coaching, training and facilitation, and consulting spectrum. We can’t wait to work with you!

Transition Leadership CrossCultural Mindfulness

Our services help you maximize your true potential and embrace your vision.



If you’re a leader who’s looking for the next step or that promotion to move forward in your career, you don’t need to do it alone. 

If you’re stepping into your very first leadership role, you don’t need to do it alone.

If you want to pause and reflect on your leadership style so that you can maximise impact, you don’t need to do it alone.

And if you’re a global leader who wants to maximise your team’s way of working together to drive better business outcomes across cultures, you’re not alone either.

Our 1:1 coaching interventions are tailor-made for your specific requirements.

  • Get that promotion
  • First leadership role
  • Impactful leadership
  • Maximize results
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What does it mean when you’re InTransition?

It could be related to your work, your identity, finding a sense of belonging, or your work-life balance. If you’re starting a new job at the same or a new company, changing industry, or returning to work after maternity/parental leave, going through personal changes, or moving to a new country or city, then we’re here to help you navigate the waters.

  • Starting a new job
  • Changing industry
  • Post maternity/parental leave
  • Personal changes
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Working across cultures can be challenging for myriad reasons. What if you had a professional who understands these challenges and can help you work through them to understand how different people and cultures prefer to communicate, define what you can expect from your hierarchy, and give and receive feedback?

Our coaching services help to bridge the cultural gaps, create an action plan, and help you navigate cross-cultural challenges.

We work with individuals (and their spouses) and with groups.

  • Raise cultural awareness
  • Develop cultural agility
  • Design strategies to make your multicultural team work more effectively
  • Understand the Different Communication and Feedback Style


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Creating and fostering inclusive workplaces and a sense of belonging at times of change can be challenging. 

Integrating mindfulness into your organisational culture provides your people with a wide range of easily accessible tools.

  • Heighten psychological safety in teams
  • Leaders and teams become more self-aware of how their thoughts and emotions impact their actions
  • Develop empathy, the cornerstone of trust in teams
  • Make your communication more impactful
  • Build greater resilience in recovering from stress and greater emotional regulation
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From the mouths of clients

Working with Fiorenza has been thought-provoking, transformational and empowering!

I came to work with Fiorenza after transitioning into my first Director position and a subsequent resurfacing of long buried imposter thoughts and limiting beliefs. Fiorenza created a safe space for me to explore these thoughts, feelings and emotions and provided invaluable provocations, exercises and toolkits to help me navigate and truly lean into what was behind each of them. After 6 months of coaching with Fiorenza, I am delighted with the transformation I have made. I have tackled a number of lifelong skeletons that have been holding me back from bringing my whole, authentic self to work and feel lighter and more confident than ever as a result of my work with Fiorenza. I cannot recommend Fiorenza enough to anyone who needs support to breakthrough a personal or professional challenge!

Grace Smith – Mars

Fiorenza helped me navigate several unique situations at work, while keeping me focused on my longer term goals. I definitely feel more confident with her in my corner. She’s my secret weapon!

Elicia Chen – Zuora

Throughout our discussions, Fiorenza helped me build a toolbox to be more confident and more fulfilled, in my private and professional life.
She managed to install a great trust and pushed the reflection to help me develop a clear path towards my targets. From tiny questions to big challenges, she was always a great support, a very active listener and a positive person ! I will not thank her enough for the personal changes that I have been through thanks to her.

Aude Lecrivain – Franke Group

From the first session to the last, her guidance and advice helped me with various topics: meaning at work, influence, having difficult conversations, asking myself the right question. I strongly recommend Fiorenza as a Coach. She helped me grow personally and in my career. It was a real pleasure working with her. I will miss our Friday morning sessions.

Mathieu Garnier – American Express