Individualized coaching to help you navigate a career transition, life transition, or both. Sometimes this might be accompanied by a cultural transition as well. Transition phases can be linked to dual identity, finding a sense of belonging, and/or work-life balance.

Transitions happen in life and work all the time. Career transitions happen when you start a new job, change industries. Or your work position is made redundant. A life transition could be preparing to welcome a child or coming back to work after maternity or parental leave. Some transitions we look forward to with anticipation, and others may bring feelings of overwhelm, uncertainty, and perhaps even fear. A transition may feel like a new chapter in your life, impacting your sense of identity, belonging, perhaps work-life balance too.

Our InTransition coaching is designed to support individuals, teams, and organisations experiencing change. Often, we will also consider the needs and wants of those in your wider system affected by the change (e.g., your family or your team).

Our InNow coaches fully appreciate the stages and emotions individuals go through, and we will help you to navigate your path, so you can mindfully move from one chapter to the next.



 Anyone who is…

  • Starting a new role (or leaving a work position)
  • Changing industry
  • Returning to work after maternity/parental leave
  • Going through changes


  • Change work position with ease and confidence
  • Step resourcefully into your new world
  • Find a sense of belonging
  • Explore your new life with optimism and courage
  • Navigate new cultural norms


Online or in-person meetings 

  • 1:1 coaching session for individuals, groups, or organizations
  • You can choose from a range of relevant assessment tools (MBTI, Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment, DiSC and more)
  • Coaching programs vary in length and duration. Please contact us to learn more
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