The breathing space


The Breathing Space

The Breathing Space is a mindfulness practice that can be done quickly in between the many other things in your busy day. It is often referred to as the 3-minute practice. This means you could go through this practice in 3 minutes, however you don’t have to. You will find below a recording of this practice, which lasts longer than 3 minutes.

When you go through this practice in your own time, here are the 3 steps you would want to follow:

1.Attend to what is. The first step invites to broadening one’s experience of the present moment, noting everything about it, as it is.

2.Focus on the breath. The second step narrows the field of attention to a single point of focus: the breath.

3.Attend to the body. The third step widens attention again to include the body as a whole and any sensations that are present.